Jerusalem, or England recovered

The poem by William Blake has become England’s unoffical national hymn. Music by Sir Herbert Parry.

And did those feet in ancient time
Walk upon England’s mountains green?
And was the holy lamb of god
On England’s pleasant pastures seen?And did the countenance divine
Shine forth upon our clouded hills?
And was Jerusalem built here
Amongst these dark satanic mills?

Bring me my bow of burning gold
Bring me my arrows of desire
Bring me my spear, o clouds unfold!
Bring me my chariot of fire.I will not cease from mental fight
Nor shall my sword sleep in my hand
Till we have built Jerusalem
In England’s green and pleasant land.

A friend of mine once said that the lyrics of “Jerusalem” outdid the nationalism of anything the Germans have ever devised, including the Nazi regime. Transcendent national social justice.

Where everything is policed except the crime

From the Daily Mail:

The public have ‘given up’ on the police’s ability to solve crimes, Her Majesty’s Inspector of Constabulary warned yesterday.

Matt Parr said the failure to investigate crimes such as burglary and car theft was ‘corroding’ the bond between the public and the police, adding that forces had been ‘rumbled’ as their ability to investigate cases declined, with many victims not bothering to report crimes.

Among ‘volume crimes’ such as break-ins, car?crime?and minor assault, only a tiny proportion of offences are investigated by police, with fewer still leading to offenders being caught….

[His remarks] came as he published a report which said plummeting confidence in the police was leading to growing numbers of crime victims to withdraw their support.

More than 22 per cent of victims who made a report later retracted their help from the police, up from 20 per cent the previous year, it said, in a vivid illustration of the public’s disillusionment.

‘Performance figures like that chip away at public confidence in the police and may well be part of the reason for that abandonment of victims’ support,’ Mr Parr said. There are ‘stark differences’ in the service victims receive from the police depending on where they live, the report said.

In the meantime, The Telegraph reports that

Police forces are recording thousands of hate incidents even though they accept that they are not crimes. 

More than 87,000 ‘non-crime hate incidents’ have been recorded by 27 forces in England and Wales over the past five years, when the national policing body introduced its Hate Crime Operational Guidelines. 

The guidelines state that an incident – perceived to be motivated by hostility towards religion, race or transgender identity – must be recorded “irrespective of whether there is any evidence to identify the hate element” and can even show up on an individual’s DBS check, despite them not committing a crime. 

You may refer to

or the Triggernometry interview with a former UK policeman.

Dominic Cummings

Dominic Cummings is the brightest man in the British government. He is a special advisor to Boris Johnson. Every point Cummings makes applies with equal force to the Canadian government: the perverse incentives, the personality types selected, the process obsession, the lack of institutional memory, the inability of the Minister to control any aspect of what he must answer to parliament for, the innumeracy of the practitioners, the failure to concern oneself with actual outcomes: all this applies to Canada as well as to the UK.

Ottawa gossip

Chrystia Freeland in Ukraine - 2017 (cropped).jpg

The Big Boys have sent a message to the Liberal Party that twinkle-toes Justin is losing them money, and that Liberal policies for the past few years have been the cause. Justin Trudeau’s brain is managed by Gerald Butts, whose goal has been the destruction of the Canadian petrochemical industry in the cause of arresting global warming. In short, Trudeau the Lesser will find an occasion within the next two years to pursue “more time with his family”. Either Mark Carney or Chrystia Freeland will take over. Mrs. Freeland, the deputy prime minister, is already working out of the Langevin Block across from Parliament Hill, which is the head office of PCO/PMO. Mark Carney, former governor of the Bank of England, has chosen to resettle in Ottawa, not Toronto, according to sources of idle gossip at the Rideau Club.

Don’t say you haven’t been warned. If Freeland gets in, we shall have an Alberta-born Liberal, and a competent one. If Carney gets the job, it looks like we shall have another climate wanker.

Hillary Clinton: psychopath?

It can be argued that Hillary Clinton is not in her right mind, and has not been for along time. Increasingly she looks like an inhabitant of the psych ward, and in her latest utterance in The Atlantic magazine, she has likened Mark Zuckerberg to Trump, of all people. {!}

“There’s good reason to believe, Clinton said, that Facebook is “not just going to reelect Trump, but intend[s] to reelect Trump.” We know for sure, at least, that Zuckerberg doesn’t want Senator Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts to be the president. In leaked audio of an internal Facebook meeting that emerged last fall, he referenced Warren’s interest in regulating Facebook and said he would “go to the mat and … fight” her.

“Clinton seems to find the whole thing deeply unnerving. Zuckerberg has been “somehow persuaded,” she said, “that it’s to his and Facebook’s advantage not to cross Trump. That’s what I believe. And it just gives me a pit in my stomach….”

“When I asked Clinton today whether she too sees a Trumpian quality in Zuckerberg’s reasoning, she nodded. “It’s Trumpian,” she said. “It’s authoritarian.” (Facebook did not immediately provide a response to my request for comment from Zuckerberg.) “

I do not think Hillary Clinton is a liar in the proper sense of the term. I think she is convinced of the truth of everything she says. Simply put, she has no knowledge of the difference between truth and lies because she is habituated to believing the reality of everything she asserts.

One of the mysteries of life is how this woman political psychopath managed to persuade so many that she was worthy of being the President of the United States. When America gets its Shakespeare, or its Suetonius, the play about how this obvious lesbian managed to stay married to a raging serial womanizer, and how they corralled power for so long, will make a play on the order of Richard III.

Ask yourself: how many people have died because they were about to, or might have, revealed truths about Hillary and Bill? 37? 165? 16?

Take for instance the case of Ron Brown, Bill Clinton’s Secretary of Commerce. An entire plane the size of Air Force Two carrying Commerce Secretary Ron Brown and 35 people crashed in Croatia. This required an amazing level of coordination, if it was an assassination. See this for more details.

The purpose of this is not to express outrage: I have long since exhausted my concern for Hillary and Bill’s lethal shenanigans. They are a law unto themselves. My purpose is to imagine the foremost power couple of recent times as MacBeth and his wife, and to foresee that a play will eventually be written about them. The story will deserve a great writer, but that person has not yet been born. No one will write that play while the two of them are still alive: too many have died from five warning shots to the back of the head.

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Power couple: Lord and Lady Macbeth

Trump/sex/university faculty

The US National Association of Scholars published an article of the ratios of Democratic to Republican party registrations among faculty. This will confirm you in your biases. The universitariat is commie.

If you are male your colleagues are 6.4 times more likely to be Democrats; 16.4 times more likely as women

This is the ratio of Democratic to Republican party registrations of faculty by discipline.

The sex ratio is echoed to a lesser degree among people who are not university professors.

If ever there was a split along sexual lines, this is it. Women do not approve of strong men, it might appear. Or they disapprove up until they reach the ballot box, I can not tell.

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